App Functionality

You can access the help section from the front cover (information) to display a comprehensive list of all features and sheet music functionality along with explanations of any icons that me be unfamiliar with. From here you can also find ISM’s email & contact information.

To navigate your songbook, swipe the page left or right. Alternatively, a page turn can be made with a quick tap to the area around the bottom corners of the screen.

Tap the composer name to toggle page controls to show play, stop & rewind buttons. The extra play button on the right side of the control bar will toggle “play from here” icons located on all staffs (between the treble / bass clefs). These buttons will play the audio from that specific part of each sheet. Finally, the audio scrub bar will make it easier to navigate to the section that you want to listen to.

Page annotation (scribbles) can be accessed from the sheet control bar (tap the composer name) or by tapping any treble or bass clef on a page.

Page fingering controls can be accessed from the sheet control bar (Tap the composer name).

Feature Requests

We are currently working to add landscape view to our sheet music apps to make them better suited to smaller screen sizes but this is currently in the early stages of development. To submit a feature request please fill in our Contact Form adding the word feature to your message.

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